Hello and welcome to the online site of  Virtual Patience.

Communication is changing all the time and for the first time in history
the internet is enabling people to see the world and gather information,
communicate to their families abroad from the comfort of their own homes, virtually for free.
"The internet is a library the size of the universe and beyond, which you can access via a
personal computer, in the comfort of your own environment." (Thomas 2010)
  • We provide one to one and group tuition to all ages.
  • We customise all tuition to suite your learning needs at a pace that is comfortable to you.
  • We use the internet to entertain and provide nostalgia services to elderly care settings.

The internet can be entertaining, educational and fun.
Our services are provided in the comfort of your own home, day centres,
residential homes, virtually every community setting.
Call or text us on 07535 173 010 and one of our representatives will contact you with more


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