Bespoke IT Tuition

Are you elderly or housebound?

Do you live in the West Midlands?

Do you have a mobile phone and don't know how to text or retrieve your last call?

Would you like to understand modern communication technology such as the mobile phone or computer and internet?

Do you own a personal computer and don't know how to switch it on?

Do you lack confidence and the thought of computer technology terrify you?

Would you like to learn basic computer skills that would enable you to shop online, browse the internet safely, also sending mail electronically confidently?

Virtual Patience can assist your learning one to one bespoke to your learning needs.

Dont let the lack of computer skills hold you back, Virtual Patience can help you overcome these barriers.
Laptop and mobile internet services are provided at the place and pace suitable for you.

Call or text now on 07535 173 010